We provide valuation on a full range of issues including Security for Lending purposes. Valuation for Mortgage purposes, for Sales and Purchase, for Insurance, for Mergers, Takeovers, and Acquisitions and for Compensation purposes.


We possess the ability and technical know-how to analyze and evaluate the market trends in any geographical area and provide real-time updates and potentials. For over two decades, we have been retained by a broad range of clients, such as banks, investors, government at various levels and other corporate bodies.


Our valuation reports have industry acclaim and are accepted as professional opinions in aid of loan security, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, disposal or stock rationalization, amongst other purposes.

Agency Services

As real Estate Agents guided by a passion to succeed and satisfy our clients, we equally advise on the best time to dispose or acquire land and landed assets.


Our services include but are not limited to presenting your property to the marketplace, utilizing our wide database and deploying our technologically enabled media exposition.


We will also negotiate on your behalf to get the right tenancy terms and a personalized agreement whilst also keeping the transaction updated with all relevant legal and governmental requirements and consents. Depending on the client’s preference, we can manage the properties that were let by us or simply conclude the transaction while clients manage the property.

Property Management

At Diran Adetunji & Associates, we offer a single integrated service; maximizing our client‟s assets through seamless property management, property accounting, facilities management and consultancy achieve remarkable levels of services.


Occupancy and tenant satisfaction or lowering property costs, clients will feel the difference and appreciate the myriad our experience in property management puts us as one of the leaders in property management in the Real Estate Industry.


We provide a total management service to high-quality offices, multi-tenanted properties, and retail and leisure properties.